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Most financial intermediaries, whether they are life insurance agents, life licensed security brokers, bank or credit union service representatives or dual licensed general insurance agents, all know that life insurance policies do not sell themselves.

A prospect buys because he or she has a need and determines that a particular policy solves that need better than any other option available. To assist the prospect in that determination, the intermediary must show more than just a product illustration. In fact, the product illustration needs to be changed into a sales illustration that not only identifies the need or a planning opportunity, but also shows how the product presented solves that need or capitalizes on the opportunity better than anything else the prospect could consider.

ADDCALC does just that. It not only presents the various "parts" of life insurance policies, but also compares those with what most investors are already familiar with, a balanced investment portfolio. ADDCALC is unique in that it allows the figures produced by the product software of most companies to be read into the ADDCALC Software; ADDCALC then transforms the "product illustration" into one or several of many highly creative and effective "sales illustrations."

ADDCALC opens up new markets, increases closing ratios, produces larger sales and improves persistency. ADDCALC empowers intermediaries to create proposals for sales concepts vital to the key life insurance markets of Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Corporate Insurance, Pension Estate Maximization and Charitable Giving.

28 sales concepts, supported by over 100 pages of on-screen help text may be featured in any of 46 sales illustrations. ADDCALC reads in the figures of proposals produced by the product illustration software of most major life insurance companies and turns their columns of figures into superior sales illustrations with powerful graphics support.

ADDCALC is licensed to life insurance companies, securities firms, mutual fund dealerships, banks and trust companies and is not available to individual producers. Life insurance companies usually make the program part of their own product illustration software. Other financial organizations license the program on a volume purchase basis and make it available to their individual producers.