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The Financial Planning Analyzer, or FPA, helps prospects and financial advisors to connect. This first-of-its-kind web-based tool pre-qualifies potential clients for any of a range of financial products and services. By streamlining the prospecting process, the FPA frees financial services professionals to spend more time on what they like and do best — closing sales and maintaining client relationships.

Versatile and easy to use, the FPA takes full advantage of the flexibility and power of web-based technology. The site adjusts its scope dynamically to fit the interests of its users and the objectives of its licensees, eliminating any wasted effort. It can be personalized and managed behind the scenes at both the company and branch level and even by individual advisors. Powerful reporting features let you determine usage, conversion and demographic statistics for any time period and any group of individuals, helping you to plan budgets, recruitment and sales growth.

In short, the FPA is a suite of essential e-prospecting tools for the financial services industry combined into one flexible package.

How it works

The potential client completes a brief questionnaire designed to identify not only needs but also financial planning opportunities. When done, the prospect may explore an analysis of the vital areas of interest that he or she has identified, which may include:

The analysis arouses curiosity and stimulates interest while setting the stage for a product presentation with an advisor. With the prospect's permission, his or her profile is forwarded directly to the referring advisor, together with a "Producer's Report" that summarizes the products and / or services that are most likely to be of interest to the client. The advisor manages all of his or her active prospects using the FPA Back Office: a prospect organizer and administrative tool.